Tuesday, 3 September 2019

J is for......

Hello bloggers....I know I haven't seen you all for a good long while but I have been pretty busy with lots of stuff so unfortunately I just haven't even given my blog a thought! But as I have been asked to explain how I made a sample for the recent Claritystamp Birthday weekend I thought I would do it on here.
Did any of you see all the shows on Hochanda? They are really good weren't they! And covered all the bases! Brilliant.

Anyway this is one of the samples I made for the shows.

I made this using the J from the alphabet set and the Jayne Nesterenko frame. I also used one of the butterflies from the Jayne Nesterenko sets.
I also used the artistry inks to colour it.

1. Stamp the frame into the middle of a piece of 7x7 stencil card using black archival ink.
2. Stamp the J in the centre of the aperture and stamp it again on a spare piece of stencil card along with the butterfly.
3. Now use low tack tape to mask off the areas of the frame you want the flowers in and use the J stamp to fill these areas. Do one at a time until all 4 sides are stamped. Give this a quick blast with the heat tool to dry the ink.
4. Mask off the outside edge of the frame and then brush yellow ink over the stamped flowers and in the aperture around the J leaving the centre white.
Remove the masking tape.
5. Use the artistry inks to colour the flowers on the spare J and also on the butterfly. Leave to dry.
6. Use a fine paintbrush and artistry ink to add colour to the flower border, frame and to the main image.
7. Trim back the card so there is an even white border around the frame. 
8. Mat this on a piece of green card then onto a 6x6 card blank. 
9. Fussy cut out the spare flowers and decoupage onto the J and fussy cut out the butterfly and stick on to one corner of the card.

I hope you can follow these instructions.
Remember that if you change the colours of ink you use it will look very different. And you could use any of the letters like this.

Have a great day 
Happy Crafting 

Friday, 19 April 2019

Pink Painted Butterflies

Good morning all and I hope you are having a good Good Friday! It is actually nice to have some lovely weather on a bank holiday too I cant quite remember when that happened!
Whatever you do and however you choose to spend the day, enjoy it and kick back a little if you can!.
I have a few jobs I need to do but then I can get on with some crafting and who knows I may sit outside for a while...wasps and bugs allowing. That's the downside of being extremely allergic to things....I need to cover up which seems to defeat the object of sitting out! But it's nice to see sunshine.
I was looking through my projects and I found this one I had made in March in preparation for the live shows from the NEC and thought it looks perfect for a day like today. As usual the ingredients and instructions are below.


Oval  Picot Die and matching plate

Rectangle  Picot Die and matching plate

Linda's Butterfly Plate. GRO-AN-40817-03

Wing Tool

Drop tool

Perga Liners

Fine Paintbrush

Indian summer  designer card

Pastel brads

1. Working on plain parchment, cut an oval using the 5th die and the rectangle using the 4th die.
2. on the rectangle emboss the double lines. IN each corner use the drop tool to make the little flowers . Emboss white work in them. Put to one side.
3. On the oval emboss the 5th and 6th double lines.  Semi perforate around the insides of each double circle using the wing tool and emboss the lines around the perforations.
4. Emboss the flower and butterflies in the inner oval avoiding the perforations. Add colour to the flowers on the reverse then paint the butterflies on the front using Pergaliners. Re-perforate using the wing tool.
5. Cut the designer card with the 2nd picot die. Layer up the two pieces of parchment and attach to the card with brads.

6. Mount on a card blank.

Have a great day everyone

Happy Crafting

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Happiness is....

Hello to you all. I have been a little busy this last week so haven't really had much time to blog ...sorry! However I have a few minutes now so thought I would share something with you. 
I am off out later to meet up with a few friends in Hobbycraft in Stockport. We take stuff to do but probably chat more than craft...Hahaha! But it give us a chance to share ideas and look at things each other has done.
Anyway here it the project I want to share with you today. 


Nested Square plate GRO-PA-40037-03

Happiness is a butterfly GRO-WO-40523-04

Butterfly Plate  GRO-AN-40943-01

Large Dragonfly plate GRO-PA-40899-01

Basic Piercing Grid diagonal GRO-GG-40383-14

Rainbow River  Designer Paper

Perga Glitter

Sticky ink

Mapping pen

1. Working on plain parchment emboss the 5th square. Emboss the poem and the butterflies in the square. Emboss the butterflies on each corner of the frame. Add the centre one on each line then add the ones in between to make the frame.
2. Emboss the dots in the butterflies with the poem and on the alternate ones in the frame.
3. Perforate around the frame and in the butterflies using the bold 2 needle tool. Cut away waste leaving the outside edge until last.
4. Attach to a piece of designer  paper with brads and mount on a 7x7 card blank. Add dots of perga glue under the cut out butterfly centres.
5. Add sticky ink with a mapping pen to the butterflies with dots in and add perga glitter.

Hope you have a great day whatever you are doing
Happy Crafting


Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Phoenix rising!

Hello and welcome all to today's blog!

It is all getting exciting now on the wedding front and I know over the next few weeks I am going to be mighty busy! But that's good as it keeps me out of mischief! I hope I still have time to do the occasional blog for you all! 
I was looking through things I haven't blogged yet and things I had! I noticed that I had blogged the Groovi version of the Phoenix but not the Stamp version so that is what I have for you today.

Phoenix  Stamp
NDC 42 fireworks stencil
versamark pad
Clear detail embossing powder
Adirondack inks Black dark blue and indigo
Artistry ink Golden turmeric and blaze
Theuva Card

1. Working on Theuva  card cut to 14cm x 20cm, stamp the phoenix stamp with archival ink. and mask off. This is only for the positioning.
2. Attach the stencil and add yellow and red ink. Wipe the stencil clean then reattach.
3. Sponge versamark through the stencil . Remove the stencil and the mask and emboss the fireworks with detail clear powder. Repeat this process to make the embossing smoother.
4. Use the brayer to make a night sky. Use a mix of indigo , blue and black ink to do this.
5. Add hills at the bottom of the card using torn paper and the ink on the blending mat with the brayer. Wipe the ink off the embossed areas.
6. Mat onto black card then mount on a card blank.
7. On smooth decoupage card stamp the phoenix 5 times and colour with promarkers. Cut out and layer up over the stamped image using 3D foam pads.

For those of you who find the brayer scary you could do the sky with brushes but it would take longer to build up the depth of colour! 

I hope you have a good day whatever you are doing! 
Happy Crafting.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Dream time!

Hi there everyone and welcome to the newbies!
I hope you are well. 
I am off to meet a friend today for lunch and have a good old catch up. We both retired early  from teaching so can be ladies that lunch these days! It's nice as we worked together a long time. Living the dream now! Haha!
Here is todays card I want to share with you all. It's a nice simple and bright one. I have given you the ingredients and instructions below.

Fairy with Daisies and Butterflies Stencil
Follow your dreams stamp
Gemini Machine or similar
Distress ink - Picked raspberry, Salty ocean, mustard seed, Black soot.
Northern Lights paper

1. Add black soot ink to the stencil and place carefully on to the stencil card. Run it through the Gemini to emboss the card and transfer the ink. Remove the stencil and clean it.
2. Replace the stencil to cover the black then using a blending tool and sponge add the 3 distress inks randomly over the exposed white card overlapping the colours to give full coverage. Flick with water and blot with a paper towel.
3. Trim the edge of the card to leave an even border. Adhere to a piece of designer paper and mount on a card blank.
4. On a spar piece of card stamp the sentiment and then colour with the three colours from the background. Edge with a black sharpie pen. Attach to the card with some 3D foam pads.

Have a good day and happy crafting

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Home alone!

Hi there everyone!
I have the house to myself today …..well 'til mid afternoon I do! It doesn't happen often these days! I was up early so feel like I have had a long day! 
I thought I would share a groovi sample today. This one uses one of the Queen lace plates. They really are beautiful! I find that if I perforate around the outside first I can get it to line up first time every time. I am glad I have the lightwave though! 

Anyway here is the card and the ingredients and instructions are below.


Anne Lace Frame Pattern Grid GRO-GG-41138-12

Leafy swirl Plate GRO-TR-40338-03

Mini  word chains 17&18 GRO-WO-41175-09

Nested square Picot dies and matching plate

A4 Apple green parchment

Indian summer  paper

pastel brads

1. On green  parchment  emboss  dots for the frame. Turn the plate and parchment over and perforate the design. Emboss the white work in the frame. Reperforate then cut away waste.
2. From the remaining parchment cut a square to fit in the centre and then use the plate the emboss the lines around the edge and use the centre square to make the sentiment box.
3. Emboss the patterns around the centre box and emboss white work as shown.
4. Attach the frame to the designer paper with pale green brads then attach the small square with brads.
5. Mount on to a card blank.

Hope you are having a good Sunday.
Happy Crafting 

Friday, 22 March 2019

Look for beauty

Hello there again and welcome to the newbies! 
Our Maria will be on TV later with some really cool Groovi stash. I hope you will be able to watch her tonight and tomorrow too! 
But for now I want to share something I did when Leonie launched her first lot of stencils. They are brill and can be used to make pretty much any style of item from really grungy stuff to pretty CAS cards. 
This one was a journal page I did using the stencils as a background and then adding stamps to build up the layers.  I will be honest with you..this kind of art used to terrify me!! But watching Leonie and now Louise on TV, plus meeting up with Louise for play days, has actually shown me that it really is nothing to be scared of. It's mixing mediums but also layering that gives your project the desired look.
This project could be done on paper or directly in a journal depending on how you want to work.
I have given you the ingredients and the instructions but you could change it easily by using different colours or images or by adding other words that are more poignant to you.


Leonie's frameless stencils

beauty Wordchain stamp

Alphabet Wordchain

Marigold and friends stamp set

Basic circle and friends Stamp set

Blues / Greens and Orange Paints

Artistry inks in similar colours to the background

Book pages

Charcoal pencil

Green archival ink

Mixed media paper or work directly into a journal

1.  Use the paint to create a background by adding different colours in different areas and covering the complete paper.
2. Place stencil with squares over the page and sponge white paint through the stencil. Move the stencil around to cover the page. Change the stencil to the one with little circles on it and sponge blue and yellow paint through small areas and again move it round across the page. Leave to dry.
3.On spare decoupage paper stamp the flowers outline 3 times. Use artistry ink to fill in one of them and cut out the circle. The other need cutting out. Stamp the words for the sentiment and brush ink over them .
4. On the page stamp the infill stamp in green archival ink around the page. Add some strips of torn book pages and the flowers and words. Stamp the circle a few times around the flower circle. 
5. Use the charcoal pencil around the elements and rub in with your finger.

Feel free to leave me a comment below especially if you feel inspired to have a go.
Hope you have a good day and happy crafting.